Les Voiles de Saint Tropez

Without a doubt, one of the most important events of the season in Saint-Tropez

September 28 to October 6, 2024


In the Beginning ...

This is the story of two boats, "Pride" and "Ikra", which, one day in September 1981, challenge each other to the game.

The coastal course started from the Portalet tower (Saint-Tropez) to reach the "Club 55" (private beach in the Bay of Pampelonne) where Patrice de Colmont presented the winner with an improvised cup called the "Club 55 Cup".


The following year, other friends joined the challenge. The event was born, Patrice de Colmont will make it grow in a family spirit which will make the famous "Nioulargue" unique. A tragic accident in 1995 put the Nioulargue on hold. The event could have sunk to a fatal outcome but thanks to the special attention of the competitors and so many others, this October gathering found its place in Saint-Tropez in 1999.

And Now

The event now called "Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez" has taken up the torch with the leitmotiv of keeping the spirit of yesteryear. The principle:                                                  

- Gathering of different classes of "Modern" and "Traditional" yachts but also Wally, J Class, (up to 300 yachts).
- Concentration of experienced and inexperienced sailors who all love the event and Saint-Tropez.

- Coastal courses for the "Moderns" (departure outside the Gulf) and the "Traditions" (departure in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez) but also "banana" type courses for the Wallys and the J Class.

- A challenge: "the club 55 cup" which is run between two sailing boats.

- Challenges: Dick Jayson/Jean Laurin day in memory of the creators of the Nioulargue. This day consists of challenges launched by a boat to one or several others. The course is chosen by mutual agreement and the winner is announced by radio to the Challenge Committee. There is no ranking but just the pleasure of participating.

- The Gstaad Yacht Club honours the Centenary Regatta.

- A village created from scratch behind the harbour master's office of Saint-Tropez is the place where exhibitors, partners, the press centre and the organisation gather.

- Sportsmanship, conviviality and festivity are the order of the day.

- Admire, film, photograph...this magical spectacle of shades, a veritable panorama of multiple sails and landscape tones, a palette of colours unique to Saint-Tropez!